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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will I receive my order?
Please see our Delivery Information page.

2. How much P&P will I have to pay?
Please see our Delivery Information page.

3. How do I return something?
Please see our Returns page.

4. Do you offer an express delivery option?
Not through our online system but give us a call and we will usually be able to arrange this.

5. Do you offer trade accounts?
Sorry, we don't offer credit accounts. However, if you are in the building or design trade, we would be delighted to work with you and are happy to discuss your particular requirements.

6. How do I know if a product is in stock?
We work hard to maintain reasonable stock levels of every product you can view on our website. We have large premises so are able to hold considerable quantities of many lines to respond to changing demand. However, if you require a large quantity of any single product, you may want to give us a call to check first.

7. Do your products come with screws and fittings?
Yes! We supply appropriate fittings with every product.

8. What sort of guarantee do you offer?
Due to factors beyond our control (such as weathering, pollution, scratching etc.), we are unable to offer any guarantee on the surface finish of our metal products. The reality is that all metals will tarnish given time and the right set of circumstances. This will rarely affect their operation and can be managed. For more information please consult our Care of Finishes page or give us a call.

9. Can I view your products in "real life"?
Yes. We have had a shop in Edinburgh for over 30 years and you can view all our online products and more in our retail showroom in the city centre

10. What is your GDPR / Privacy policy?
GDPR... you have probably heard of it and received plenty of emails about it. It stands for General Data Protection Regulation and aims to give consumers greater control over how companies deal with their personal data. As you can probably imagine with a piece of EU legislation, the minutiae of it is labyrinthine and largely irrelevant or common sense. We already do all we can to comply with much of it. The following information explains - as simply as possible - how any changes as a result of it relate to our business.

When you place an order with us, you provide certain information we need to process and deliver your order. This includes personal data (your name, address, telephone number and email address) and your order data (what you want to buy).

We need to store your personal data to deliver your order or contact you about it. We store your order details so we can refer to them for future orders or to assist with any customer service issues which may arise. This data is encrypted and can only be accessed from the computer on which it is stored. This computer itself is stored securely with limited and protected access.

We store this information for 5 years for accounting purposes and will continue to do so for another 5 years while it forms part of the contract of sale between the customer (you) and the retailer (us). After 10 years we will delete it unless you instruct us otherwise.

We DO NOT store any credit or debit card information. All card transactions are encrypted via our secure payment system (SecureHosting from Clear Accept) or via PayPal (look for the padlock icon in your browser to confirm). After your payment has been made, we cannot access your credit or debit card number, nor can anyone else.

We DO NOT share your data with any third party as that sounds far too much like extra paperwork for us to be remotely interested in.

You have to right to request that we delete or change your personal data at any time after you have received your order. However, doing so will mean the burden is on you to provide sufficient information should you need to make a claim under guarantee as we will have little or no record of your purchase. Therefore, it is probably sensible not to make such a request for 2 years (the length of our mechanical guarantee) after receiving your order.

If you would like to make a request for removal or change of data, please contact us by email to sales[@]inbrass.co.uk with the subject heading "Data Removal" (or something similar). We promise to complete your request within 3 weeks (although usually much quicker).

If you have any further queries regarding this, please contact:
Mr L. Young (Manager - inbrass.co.uk)
c/o Edina Lock & Key Co. Ltd.
10-12 Brandon Terrace
Edinburgh, EH3 5EA

11. Are you the same as Edina Lock & Key Co. Ltd.?
Yes and no... inbrass.co.uk is the online trading name of Edina Lock & Key Co. Ltd. When we started selling online in 2001, we soon discovered that we needed a more easily memorable name for our website. We operate from the same premises and utilise the same stock.

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