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Button Cupboard Knob

Pin It buttonButton Cupboard Knob

Bronze Button Cupboard KnobChrome Button Cupboard KnobBrushed Nickel Button Cupboard Knob
Brass Button Cupboard KnobBurnished Steel Button Cupboard KnobButton Cupboard Knob, Brass

Button Cupboard Knob

Ref: CBK090


  • Description: Our own brand turned one piece knobs. These knobs are shaped with a narrow stem and disc-like top similar to metal stud buttons on jeans. The burnished raw steel version is a traditional finish but it will rust in damp conditions if not cared for with a bit of oil or WD40.
  • Base metal: Turned solid brass (brass, chrome, applied bronze and brushed nickel finishes) and steel.
  • Fixings: Supplied with M4 or M5 bolt (depending on size).
  • Sizes: 5 sizes available (knob diameter).
  • Availability: In stock.

  • Please choose...   
  • Brass - lacquered,   
  • Brass - unlacquered,   
  • Chrome,   
  • Brushed nickel,   
  • Applied bronze,   
  • Burnished raw steel,   
  • Please choose...   
  • 22mm,   
  • 29mm,   
  • 33mm,   
  • 37mm,