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Cast Iron Shutter Bar

Shutter Bars

Window shutter bars, also known as shutter locks or shutter fasteners, are hardware components used to secure exterior window shutters in a closed position. They add both functionality and visual appeal to window shutters while providing an extra layer of securi

Cast Iron Shutter Bar, Black

Kirkpatrick 3413 Shutter BarShutter Bar dimensions

Cast Iron Shutter Bar, Black

Ref: HCA750

  • Description: Heavy duty powder coated black cast iron bar handmade in the Black Country by Kirkpatrick. Our version does not have the unnecessary knob which can prevent the shutters folding back neatly. Can be used equally well for other purposes such as a simple bolt.
  • Base metal: Cast iron.
  • Fixings: Supplied with fixing screws.
  • Sizes:
    • bar - 40mm wide, 6mm thick.
    • fixing plate - 62 x 37mm.
    • keeper - 75 x 45mm with 18mm projection.
  • Availability: ALL IN STOCK.
  • Other info: Please be aware that actual lengths may vary by a few mm due to the handmade nature of these bars. If desired, it is also possible to shorten the bars with a hacksaw by simply cutting the bar to the required size and filing and touching up the edges.

Please choose...
150mm (6") long bar, £19.50
198mm (8") long bar, £21.20
250mm (10") long bar, £20.70
300mm (12") long bar, £23.30
382mm (15") long bar, £24.30
458mm (18") long bar, £27.72
737mm (29") long bar, £48.70
990mm (39") long bar, £69.30