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Rola R1 Sash Stop Lock

Rola R1 Sash Window Stop Lock

Bramah Rola R1 Sash Stop LockRola Sizes DiagramRola Sash Stop Position
19mm Brass Rola stop19mm Nickel sash stop31mm Rola Stop, Brass

Rola R1 Sash Window Stop Lock

Ref: WSK800

  • Description: Discreet stop locks fitted to the top sash made in the UK by Bramah. Sold singly without key (sold separately). For most windows, a single 19mm stop will be fine. However, for windows wider than 1200mm (4') or those which are a bit loose, we recommend using two 31mm stops.
  • Sizes: 2 projection sizes available.
  • Availability: In stock.
  • Other Info: These locks are usually sited a few cms above the bottom sash to allow for ventilation without having to remove the projecting part. The threaded socket is flush fitted securely into the top sash with a 6mm Allen key (not included). The projecting stop can only be inserted or removed with the key. They conform to most British Insurance standards.

Brass, 19mm projection, £7.90
Brass, 31mm projection, £9.00
Nickel, 19mm projection, £10.50
105mm key, £5.70
Key, £5.70