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Sash window fasteners

Sash fasteners are an old fashioned type of lock fitted at the midrail of sash windows over the join between top and bottom sash. To satisfy insurance requirements some have a key operated lock incorporated into their design, otherwise a separate specialist window lock should also be used.

Brighton fasteners have a threaded arm which is lifted over the join and secured by screwing down a bell-shaped nut to give a sturdy fit on all sash windows. The best choice for loose fitting windows.

Swing and Quadrant fasteners have a sprung hinged arm which is swung 90° over the join to prevent movement. These are the most traditional pattern of sash window fastener.

Claw and Fitch fasteners are rotated 180° to release or fasten the two sashes. Often the only option for narrow midrails such as on double glazed or old Georgian windows.